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We had a great time at the Howard County fair last Friday.  We learned about the many important things that we get from the farm and how important farmers are to us.  We learned about the foods grown on a farm and about the different animals on the farm.  We discovered that it's a lot of hard work taking care of cows, pigs, goats, lambs, sheep, and chickens.  We got to pet several of the animals.  We sure wanted Mrs. Dodd to take us for a ride on the carnival rides, but she said no!

  • Enjoying the bus ride!
  • Getting tattoes
  • Looking at exhibits
  • Learning about honey bees
  • Learning how to milk a cow
  • Lily, the dairy cow
  • Checking out the pigs
  • Learning about how to take care of a pig
  • Learning about how to take care of a lamb
  • Lariat, won a buckle for PeeWee Showmanship with her lamb!!
  • Learning about goats
  • Learning about chickens, rabbits, and ducks
  • Listening to Mrs. Jean Ince talk about the foods that grow in a garden

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