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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated Umpire High School in 1993. I have also attended CCCUA, Henderson State University, and Southern Arkansas University.

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Henderson State University, BSE  P-4 Early Childhood Education, 2005
  • Henderson State University, MSE P-4 Special Education, 2008
  • Southern Arkansas University, MSE P-6 Curriculum and Instruction, 2010

Professional Development:

  • CGI certified Years 1-3
  • I have attended the AAAE Conference every year from 2007- current
  • Presented at the AAAE Conference, July 2014

Current Position:

I began teaching at Nashville Primary School in 2005. Below are the positions I have held.

  • 2/3 Grade Alternative Learning Class , 2007- Current
  • Second Grade, 2005-2007

Previous Position:

I began my teaching career in 1994 with Head Start. I actually started the Head Start program in Nashville, AR. After 5 years for Head Start, I began teaching at Umpire Preschool. I remained at Umpire as Preschool Teacher and Classroom Aid through out my college career. After graduating college, I began my career at Nashville Primary.

Family Information:

I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, Kinzy (18) and Lexi (13). Kinzy just graduated from Umpire High School and is currently pursuing her Nursing degree. Lexi is beginning Eighth grade at Umpire High School. I do have a grand puppy, her name is Sadie. She is a very spoiled but adorable little Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix).

Personal Information:

I love working with my students. It brings great joy to my soul to actually help them grow and succeed. Not only do I instill wisdom and skills in them, they fill my days and life with joy and wisdom!

For fun, I love to travel! I am also a bit of an adrenaline addict, I enjoy anything that can be considered "thrilling or dangerous". Some of the things I have done include, parasailing, ziplining in a rain forest in Costa Rica, snuba diving, and jumping off the Stratosphere (855') in Las Vegas. One of my biggest dreams is to actually go skydiving.

Veronica Moore

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