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ALE Quick Guide for Parents

ALE Quick Guide for Parents


  • The ALE program is designed to assist your child in becoming successful in the general classroom as well as at home and public life.


  • ALE is intended for the child who needs extra help with academics and/or behavior management.


  • Your child receives the same academic studies as his/her grade level peers while in ALE.


  • If your child currently receives any specialty services (OT, Speech, SpEd, Counseling, etc.) he/she will continue to receive them while in ALE.


  • While in ALE, your child will continue to take part in the daily specialty classes during the ALE assigned period.


  • He/She will have daily access to school based mental health services.


  • He/She will participate in special activities (field trips, presentations, etc.) just as other students.


  • ALE students also have lunch and recess just as any other student. Generally, our lunch is from 12:00-12:30 and recess is from 12:30-1:00. You are welcome to eat lunch with your child if you wish!


  • As a student in ALE, your child will have the added benefit of more intense and individualized program planning designed to meet your child’s individual needs.


  • Communication is critical, so please check your child’s folder and sign/return documents DAILY. This is our way of knowing that you know how your child is functioning in the classroom.



  • Please like our classroom FaceBook page @ to keep informed of what is happening in our classroom, and sign up for Remind (

  • Remember, you can also contact us at the school at 870-845-3510, we would be happy to meet with you!