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Dear Parents and Students,

    Hello, my name is Sarah Gentry Rachel and I am exicited to be your teacher this year.  Let me take some time to tell you a little about myself. I grew up and graduated from Lockesburg. I started working with children during high school in church and throughout college in group homes, schools (both in the classroom and ISS),  and foster homes. I worked for 2 years as a case worker with approximately 90 abused and neglected children and conducted investigations on another approximately 30 homes after college in Texas.  During that time, I met and married my husband. His teenage daughter moved in with me before we got married. She lived with me and later with both her dad and I until after she graduated high school. 

After moving back to the Lockesburg area to be with terminally ill family. I worked breifly in the Ashdown area, before begining to work at DeQueen ABC Preschool. I worked with other paraprofessionals and was responsible for approximately 20 children everyday for 4 years.  I have been teaching kindergarten at Nashville Primary for the last 8 years.

   My husband, Lilli (my puppy), and I live in the Lockesburg area. My stepdaughter Amy and her family, and my 8 siblings and their families all live in Texas. I also have 5 first cousins and their families (8 school age children) all live close to me in the Lockesburg area. They like to come stay with me several days at a time. I enjoyed spending time with my 9 nieces and nephews, other extended family and friends this summer.

I hope you have a blessed day.

Mrs. Sarah Rachel

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