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Becky Horne

2nd Grade Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Ozark High School in Ozark, Missouri in 1996. That fall I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia to become a broadcast journalist. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a news anchor or a sports broadcaster, but I did know I wanted to arrive at story locations by helicopter, and be part of the “Friday Night Lights Fly-Overs” our local news station did. Not even a month into college life at MU, I decided I didn’t want the lifestyle of a journalist. I wanted to be able to plan my day and the activities during the day where they would fit best. I quickly made the connection that a journalist just can’t do that. SO… I came home after the semester ended and enrolled at Missouri State University, which has one of the BEST teacher programs in the nation, to become a teacher. I always said I’d never be a teacher because they always have homework…. but once classes and practicums started, I knew I was in the right field. This is also where I learned to NEVER SAY NEVER. While at MSU I was in Alpha Sigma Alpha social sorority, Kappa Delta Pi honors society, and very active with friends and every day college life. I loved every bit of college (except Math 360), and graduated Cum Laude in May of 2000.                                              

Degrees and Certifications:

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri in May 2000. I became certified in Early Childhood Education. (Birth to 3rd grade.)


I received my Master’s Degree from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri in December 2002. This added Elementary Education certification to my license. (4th-6th grade)


I received my ESL certification from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville in May 2017. (ESL K-12)


I completed my Masters +15 (credit hours) in the summer of 2018.

National Boards might be on my horizon once my children have graduated, only time will tell! 

Professional Development:

We are required to get 60 hours of professional development every year. 

Current Position:

I started teaching in Nashville in 2014, moving to Nashville Primary in 2015. I am where I want to be and I don’t plan on leaving until I retire! I love teaching the primary grades, and 2nd grade is my favorite! I’m blessed to be where I am!


Previous Position:

I started teaching right out of college, in August of 2000. For four years I taught 1st and 2nd grades in the Rockwood School District outside of St. Louis. Rockwood is the 3rd largest district in Missouri. There were 19 elementary schools, 4 Middle schools, and 4 high schools in the district during my time there. Lots of great memories and teacher friends made there! I will forever cherish my time in Rockwood!

Life took us to Wisconsin in the summer of 2004, and I taught in the Franklin School district for 2 years. I taught one year of 2nd grade and one year of 1st grade. 

In February of 2006 God gave me a new title, MOMMY! I was blessed to be able to stay home with Emmie, and two years later, in 2008, Ben joined us. Life takes twists and turns you’re not always prepared for, and the kids and I moved to Arkansas in 2008. However I was still able to stay home with them until 2014, when Ben entered 1st grade. I don’t regret a minute of my time at home with them! 

Family Information:

I am married to Scott Horne, a Physics and Chemistry teacher at Nashville High School. We met in 2009, married in 2011, and my kids and I moved to Nashville just in time for Emmie to start Kindergarten! I got to add another kiddo to the family, Kristopher! He’s the best bonus kiddo a person could ask for! We have a very happy, somewhat crazy, busy, insane life that I love very much! 

As I mentioned before, we have 3 kids. Kristopher, Emmie, and Ben. :) They are all Scrappers, and have been since Kindergarten! Kristopher is the class of 2019, Emmie is the class of 2024, and Ben is the class of 2026. 

We have one cat, Phoebe (named after Phoebe from Friends). If we ever get another cat her name will be Pam. (Named after Pam from The Office.) But that’s wishful thinking because Phoebe is a diva and she enjoys being an only cat-child.

Personal Information:

I am a crafter. I love to paint, create, build, decorate, DIY, you name it. I’m obsessed.

Speaking of obsessions, I’m a Disney fanatic. If it’s Disney, I’m there! Disney World is my happy place, with Disney Cruise Lines a very close 2nd followed by Disneyland. We always have a Disney trip planned. It’s our “thing!” 


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