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       All Grades have done lessons on using computers and other devices correctly.  We watched videos about internet safety.

        We read “spooky stories” in the dark with a flashlight.

In November – While I was out for 2 months having cancer surgery – 

  • 3rd grade – The Library Pages,The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town, and Machines/Earthquake STEM activities
  • 2nd grade – The Library Pages, Return of the Library Dragon, and Force/Motion/Magnets STEM activities
  • 1st grade – There’s a Cricket in the Library, L Is for Library, Cannon the Librarian and Building/Construction STEM activities
  • K – There’s a Cricket in the Library, A Library Book for Bear, and Fairy Tale STEM activities 


 In December – Third Grade – Never Let a Ghost Borrow Your Library Book, That Book Woman, and The Shelf Elf

                                  Second Grade – Librarian on the Roof!, The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, Mr. wiggle Loves to Read, and bats at the Library

                                  First Grade – Violet & Victor Write the Best Ever Bookworm Book, Arthur Writes a Story, Once upon a Time, Do NOT Open This Book, and The End

                                  Kindergarten – Pete the Cat Checks Out the Library, The Gingerbread Boy, andThe Three Bears


     In January –   All grades listened to holiday stories and read Homes Around the World, STEM with houses, castles,etc.


    In February – Elves and the Shoemaker; Shoes, Shoes, Shoes; Pete the Cat New White Shoes; Rocking in my School Shoes; Sneakers from Start to Finish; Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe; and Cinderella.

                       We designed shoes,boots, or other footwear.


   March – STEM with gears and robots, A Runaway Robot, Nancy’s Robot Tale, Gears