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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Class Rules and Expectations

I have listed our general rules and classroom expectations. I have done my best to be specific on most of them. Failure to follow these will result in your child losing conduct points.

1. Arrive at school each day, on time (7:50 a.m.), ready to learn (Points will not be taken for being late; however, it is very important to be here on time each day. If your child is eating breakfast they should be at school by 7:30)

2. Sit quietly in the hall until I welcome you into the room after the bell rings.

3. Come in quietly, put way your belongings, and begin reading at your seat.

4. Listen during class time and participate in activities

5. Raise your hand to talk and whisper if you have a question for your neighbor.

6. Do not disturb your neighbors or our classroom learning environment.

7. Complete your work during the assigned time, always do your best!

8. Obey all cafeteria and playground rules.

9. Obey any instructions given by other school staff or faculty.

10. Treat yourself, others, and our school with respect.

11. Bring agenda book to school each day.


Class Consequences Each student begins the week with 100 points in conduct.

Please see the list below for loss of points in Conduct and consequences.

• 1st Offense- 5 minutes on the bench at recess and loss of 5 points for the day in Conduct

• 2nd Offense – 10 minutes on bench and loss of 10 points for the day in Conduct, note if necessary

• 3rd Offense – 20 minutes on the bench and loss of 30 points for the day in Conduct.

• 4th Offense – Student calls parent, loss of 40 points in Conduct for the day.

• 5th Offense – Paddling or Suspension and 0% for the day in Conduct.

Weekly Testing

Most weeks, students will be taking a spelling, skills, and comprehension test. I have taken the time to explain how each test is taught, given, and graded. I hope this helps as we start the year. I am hoping that as the children understand what is expected of them that the grades will improve each week. Please do not worry unless your child continues to perform poorly, which I don’t expect will happen.

Here is what I expect on each test and what your child will be graded on:

Spelling Test: 14 points for spelling tests. They will be counted wrong for backwards letters and misspellings. They will also be responsible for a completely correct dictation sentence. These words will be sent home on Mondays. 

Comprehension Test: Each student is responsible for reading the book independently. I am not able to help them with any words or give then any clues about the book. After I have given them time to read the book they take a test. They will read the book and take the test independently. Each question is worth one point. The only way to prepare for this is to read to your child and have them practice reading to you on a daily basis and asking questions about what they have read.

Writing Assessment:  Students in 3rd Grade are required to type their Writing reponse on the laptop for the ACT Aspire assessment given at the end of 3rd Grade.  Since they are typed on this exam, we try to have students prepared and ask them to type their writing assessments on the computer during the year as well.  All Writing assessments will be posted in MobyMax and graded by the teacher.

Skills Test: Most weeks we have a skill we will be working on. Some weeks we will combine a skill and work on it for two or more weeks. On Friday of that week we will take a “Skills Test” to see the progress each child has made. Usually this test will be worth 10 points. This skill is listed on the syllabus I sent home. If you need an extra copy please let me know.

I hope this answers any questions you may have. I will ask that any “D” or “F” be signed by a parent or guardian and returned. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know. Your child will bring these tests home on Friday, so please be sure to check their agenda book each week for important papers.

Any change in transportation should be done through the school office or by sending a note to school.  If there is no note or no change through the office, your child will be sent home as normal – either put on the bus that he/she normally rides or be sent to the car line.  A student telling me that “you said” to change their transportation will not be sufficient – there must be a note signed by the parent/guardian or a phone call to the office staff. 


The following dates are Party Dates:

December 20

February 14

Parties begin at 2:30 unless noted otherwise.  Normally, parents bring or send goodies for the month in which their child’s birthday is being celebrated.  Others send something for every party.  It’s totally up to you to send or bring items.  The kids always enjoy cookies, cupcakes, candy, chips and drinks such as Capri Suns or Juice.