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Spelling Words

Friday, October 25

Words: test, drill, puffs, lunch, plugs

Sentence: Did you see his golf clubs?

Friday, November 1

Words: spend, grand, blimp, rinks, see, each

Sentence: Jack felt his leg twist.


Friday, November 8

Words: slant, twist, slumps, blended, trusting

Sentence: I am thinking about the quiz.


Friday, November 15

Words: cube, lane, wide, thrill, out, our

Sentence: That blast made us all jump.


Friday November 22

Words: brave, mule, joke, grades, smiles

Sentence: Another cave is down by the lake.




Friday, December 6

Words: upset, pigpen, humbug, waves, could, should

Sentence: The dog in the bathtub is a mess.


Friday, December 13

Words: mistake, fireman, pileup, trunks, now, how

Sentence: That is just a little mistake.


Friday, December 20

Words: unzips, cobwebs, sunsets, insist, none, number

Sentence: Ben dislikes my cat.