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Spelling Words

2021-22 School Year

Spelling tests are given every Friday.

Monday, January 3

please, talk, used, edit, punish, frantic, fabric, magnetic, disinfect, inhabit

Monday, January 10

know, always, often, combat, thankful, panic, kindness, invented, childish, habit

No school Monday, January 17.

Tuesday, January 18

against, knew, sham, shame, stack, stake, drive, hope, name, June

Monday, January 24

move, together, place, spoke, blaze, homeless, athlete, captive, sunrise, expire

Monday, January 31

house, move, right, cry, flu, hotel, behind, retire, eject, relax

Monday, February 7

eight, large, program, behave, define, jelly, penny, pantry, puppy, lazy

No spelling words for the week of February 14. No school February 17-21. School resumes Tuesday, February 22.

Tuesday, February 22

every, something, remote, shyness, windy, lobby, menu, hotel, depend, fireman

Monday, February 28

world, answer, different, family, mark, born, store, marches, sorting, backyard

Monday, March 7

picture, learn, earth, stir, swirl, twirl, verb, burn, term, first

Monday, March 14

father, brother, temper, blister, sturdy, perfect, thirty, consider, understand, tolerate

No school March 21-25 for Spring Break. School resumes Monday, March 28.


Monday, March 28

great, country, away, defend, clay, stray, paint, raid, brain, stayed

Monday, April 4

America, school, thought, Thursday, explain, raindrops, delaying, remained, entertain, maybe

Monday, April 11

whose, won, lively, limitless, need, sheep, teach, team, cheapest, speeches

Monday, April 18

breakfast, head, ready, turkey, sixteen, thirteen, steamy, dreamers, peanut, beneath

Monday, April 25

different, school, whose, charm, pork, toy, boil, moist, joint, joyful

Monday, May 2

favorite, ready, Monday, broil, beef, foam, doe, toad, tiptoe, grow

Monday, May 9

Tuesday, beautiful, tomorrow, unfair, out, foul, crowd, shower, shout, power

Monday, May 16

Review (No test.)

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