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Spelling Words

Friday, January 10

Words: fold, grind, flunk, bolt, goes, where

Sentence: Who got the most stuff done?

Friday, January 17

Words: smack, floss, stuffs, stashes, done, pretty

Sentence: The bells are ringing again.

Friday, January 24

Words: landed, twisted, called, bumped, use, used

Sentence: Are you sure the mixer is fixed?

Friday, January 31

Words: shrunk, kept, misfit, finish, against, walk

Sentence: Frank thinks he will finish the test.

Friday, February 7

Words: combat, thankful, panic, kindness, say, says

Sentence: I know that it a childish habit.

Wednesday, February 12

Words: volt, jumped, full, pull, whine, trade

Sentence: Can you drive to my house?

Friday, February 21

Words: spoke, blaze, homeless, captive, move, together

Sentence: Dave rode his bike to his house.

Friday, February 28

Words: hunted, cross, shy, relax, eight, always

Sentence: Sally is quite shy.

Friday, March 6

Words: remote, shyness, windy, lobby, every, something

Sentence: We depend on firemen to protect us.

Friday, March 13

Words: reported, explore, scar, garlic, world, answer

Sentence: The army marched to many different spots.

Friday, March 20

Words: barnyard, more, family, carry, shirt, surf

Sentence: The earth is quite large.